Custom GCC and Cross Compilers

Homebrew depends on having an up-to-date version of Xcode because it comes with specific versions of build tools, e.g. clang.

Installing a custom version of GCC or autotools into the PATH has the potential to break lots of compiles so we prefer the Apple- or Homebrew-provided compilers.

Cross-compilers based on GCC will typically be “keg-only” and therefore not linked into the path by default.

Rather than merging in brews for either of these cases at this time, we’re listing them on this page. If you come up with a formula for a new version of GCC or cross-compiler suite, please link it in here.

  • Homebrew provides a gcc formula for use with Xcode 4.2+ or when needing C++11 support on earlier versions.
  • Homebrew provides older GCC formulae, e.g. [email protected]
  • Homebrew provides the LLVM Clang, which is bundled with the llvm formula.
  • RISC-V provides the RISC-V toolchain including binutils and GCC.

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