Brew Test Bot

brew test-bot is the name for the automated review and testing system funded by our Kickstarter in 2013.

It comprises four Mac Minis and three Xserves running in two data centres which host a Jenkins instance at https://jenkins.brew.sh and run the brew-test-bot.rb Ruby script to perform automated testing of commits to the master branch, pull requests and custom builds requested by maintainers.

Pull Requests

The bot automatically builds pull requests and updates their status depending on the result of the job.

For example, a job which has been queued but not yet completed will have a section in the pull request that looks like this:

Triggered Pull Request

A failed build looks like this:

Failed Pull Request

A passed build looks like this:

Passed Pull Request

On failed or passed builds you can click the “Details” link to view the result in Jenkins.

A passed build looks like this:

Passed Jenkins Build

A failed build looks like this:

Failed Jenkins Build

You can click the test results link (e.g. brew-test-bot.el_capitan.install openssl) to view the failed test output:

Failed Test

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